Client Resources

Common Tax Resources

For “get it quick” routine issues:

IRS Website


To check that you paid your CA estimated taxes:

FTB: Check estimated payments & balance due


To find the Publically Traded Partnership (PTP) you might have forgot about:

K-1 Support - PTP Look-up


As a quick index to free web-based resources by topic:

Tax Resources on the Web 


To find the basis for stock you inherited:

Historical Stock Values


To learn more about the benefits of Roth IRAs:

Roth IRA


To help you figure out the value of the used items you donated:

Salvation Army Non-cash Value Guide


To find the property taxes paid when you don’t remember:

All CA County Assessors 


To review your options on when to start receiving Social Security benefits:

Social Security Administration 


To begin researching an IRC 529 plan (College Savings Plan):

Saving for College


For the client who knows he/she worked in multiple locations last year, but didn’t manage to keep receipts:

Domestic per diem rates


When completing an estate tax return and listing various stocks owned:

CUSIP Look-up (Fidelity) 


To calculate the deductible DMV fees you paid during the year:

CA DMV VLF Calculator 


For small businesses considering their choices in offering retirement plans:

IRS Retirement Planner


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